Amanda Wild is a French artist who went around the world for several years.Amanda Wild

She graduated in jewellery at l’Ecole Boulle in 2008. Then she joined a well-known Parisian diamond maker workshop. Her yen for a journey set her off on an adventure to England and Asia. She travelled for several years between both countries before settling down in Geneva, Switzerland for four years.

All these years of work experience in the luxury arts and crafts field allowed her to develop her skills, knowledge and highly acute sensitivity. At the same time, she was training herself in fine arts in order to improve and refine her outlines because she so much loves to sketch her trips!

After the Himalaya’s steep mountains, the flaming rice fields of Cambodia and the paradise beaches of Indonesia, Amanda decided to set off on a new adventure, creating her own brand YANKA.

“YANKA was born from my love for the crafts and fine arts. The intelligence lying in handwork which generation after generation transmits a knowledge, an identity, a soul to objects is touching to me. Besides my many trips, I'm still so fascinated by the cultural and crafts discoveries I make in each country. I’m always collecting crazy and original objects because I like the story they tell.”

YANKA, therefore, is a concept store of trendy jewels, accessories, art and decorative objects, antiques bought by Amanda Wild according to her journeys. This brand promotes quality, the carefully crafted object helps the craftsmen to make a living from their art by keeping their ancestral know-how.

Some objects are bought directly from workshops, others are from a great meeting and some are only taken on the sly in the market because they are too beautiful not to be travelling on the other side of the Atlantic.

Pieces brought back from faraway places, some are unique, others in limited quantity but all of them tell a story and have strong symbolical value, sometimes filled with history or collective memory.