Silver filigree leaf earrings


Yanka offers 925 silver filigree earrings with a leaf pattern. Imported from Indonesia, these leaf pattern earrings will bring a chic touch to your style.

Indonesia known for its beautiful scenery is also a treasure for its handicrafts. Jewelers keep perpetuate this ancestral handicraft of filigree and have adjust it to create a modern, trendy style rich of history.

These filigree earrings with leaf patterns are incredibly beautiful and delicate, a real silver lace. Made in 925 silver, the chic of these earrings will light up your face in a sophisticated and elegant way.

These leaf earrings are all handmade. By choosing it you help preserve ancestral know-how and allow Indonesian artisans to live from their art.

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Data sheet

925 Silver
Length : 8 Cm
weight : 9 Grams
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