Cambodia travel : Discover the richness of the Cambodian wedding dresses

Wedding in Cambodia, a real institution 

Whoever comes to visit Cambodia knows that the Cambodian wedding is a real institution. Wedding festivities go on for 3 days and if you are unlucky enough to stay nearby, you will be awakened each morning at 6 o’clock by the Buddhist monks. In fact, during Cambodian's weddings, the monks are singing prayers in micro and the speakers' volume is put at its higher level. Needless to say, that the whole neighbourhood is aware of it! Hey yes, everybody must know that they are celebrating a marriage here. If during the same time, you get stuck in a traffic jam on the road that is usually clear… well, it is normal. It’s simply the wedding tents that had been installed where the wedding reception will take place in the middle of the road… That’s how they do it in Cambodia. Ah! How I love that country’s folklore!

Cambodian wedding

The richness of the Cambodian garments for bridal wear, so easy on the eyes

What’s amazing during these weddings, is to see all the Cambodians dressed up in traditional costumes, these beautiful Cambodian women wearing gorgeous dresses made with traditional fabrics that shine in all directions. The richness of the colours, the fabrics, the embroideries are carrying us away directly to a wonderful world and we will almost wish to get married in Cambodia to be able to wear such beautiful dresses at least once in our lifetime. The Cambodian wedding couple is wearing therefore magnificent colourful garments along with richly decorated eye-catching jewels. Tiaras, earrings, belts and other accessories enhance wonderfully the richness of these bridal dresses. Nowadays, due to western influence, some Cambodian married couples from the big cities would prefer to wear a white wedding dress western style and a classical groom suit. But for our own happiness, traditional weddings still exist.

Cambodian wedding's jewels

The wedding Cambodian ceremony procedures

The Cambodian traditional marriage goes on in 3 big steps, the haircut, the blessing and the bonding of hands with red cotton threads. The ritual of the haircut shows the divine presence and symbolizes the physical and moral cleansing of the bride and groom. 

The newlyweds sit side by side. Then a musician woman and a musician man representing a couple of angels, bring the hair comb, scissors and a perfume. The master of ceremonies cuts the bride’s and groom’s hair strand and sprays perfume on it.

Afterwards, the engaged couple put their hands on a golden pillow, holding a sabre and bow. At this point, the Buddhist representative, parents, the model couple and some other guests provide advice and bless the couple. Monks are usually invited to say a prayer splashing the couple with scented holy water. It’s a sign of happiness and longevity for the newlyweds.

At the end of the advice, the Buddhist representative ties the hands of the young couple with two red cotton threads. It means that they are now married and they are bound together for better or for worse.

At the master of ceremonies’ signal, all the guests throw flowers of areca palm above the married couple. Then, it comes the time to celebrate it with a large meal. As always, Cambodian beer flows freely and the most courageous ones start to dance. 

By the way, the art of dance in Cambodia would deserve a post.