Recycling handbag: travel through the heart of cambodian markets

Travel through the heart of markets, a five senses adventure

Cambodian’s markets abundance and richness is fantastic. I love wandering around for hours in these narrow alleys filled of articles from top to bottom. You never know what you will discover in the bend of a market stall. A real travel. Multicolored fruits are a delight for the eyes, handbags and handmade embroidered fabrics sparkle beautifully with their amazing flashy pearls variety. The smell of rotten fish is as disgusting and intoxicating as the stifling crowd in these markets. A real 5 senses adventure. Here, daily life is linked to the world of work without clearly distinguishing it from daily life. Children are sleeping in hammocks behind the market stalls… When it isn’t the parents who are sleeping either and that you have to wake up if you want to buy something from them. People eat, sleep, talk… Life is teeming in this exuberance of products. I like to feel this energy and explosion of life which emanates from these cambodian markets, a travel and a real dose of inspiration and creativity for the artist that I am.

Dry fish market, Cambodia

flowers market, Phnom Penh

Recycling handbag, the market's beautiful discovery

Round the corner of an alley I discovered rather creative handbags. Shoulder bag or pouch bag, all display an original trendy pattern. Yellow bag, blue bag, there is something for every taste. The saleswoman explained to me that these articles are made from recycled canvas polypropylene bags, originally used for transportation. These bags used to contain about ten kilos of rice, cement, fish feed and animal feed… which according to the content, of-fered a multifaceted color and design range that we have the pleasure to find on these handbags and pouch bags. A great recycling concept initiated by Cambodia.

It’s a brilliant and interesting concept and the result is rather appealing to me. And hey presto ! These ones are coming back to France with me.

recycling handbags from Cambodia