Instill soul into objects: a root of happiness in a loss humanity's world ?

Objetcs have a soul

To my point of view some objects have a soul… and that’s this noticeable vibration that make them so beautiful and endearing to me.

Watching these individual craftsmen , so caring and trying to create from this material a new imaginary shape of bowl, it comfort me in this idea. I watched him movement after movement straightening some details of the material, giving the object its own type or characteristic and so unique personality. In fact, he is only breathing life into this object.

In our complex world where everything must be going fast because time is money, we’d rather excessively consume the cheapest products so the lone handmade craftsman disappear for the benefit of spiritless objects.

How to instill a soul without a base of humanity?

How a machine could instill life in an object ? Only the craftsman intentional technical gestures can create and give each object a soul. Only then emanates from it poetry through its beauty.

As an obvious reality but which is slipping out of ours hands yet day after day. The object’s soul…

The soul of objects, a root of happiness?

It reminds me of a newspaper article that I have read while having a coffee and which would imply the unease of modern citizens in their cities partially resulting from the fact that our new buildings themselves, became soulless ones. No vibration, no comfort.

Our smooth and sanitized piece of furniture, impersonal flats looking like a show flat magazine picture send us back to coldness and absence. The warmth and the memory of the object passed on from one generation to another, is irradiating in our daily life just being there. A waking up souvenir, the scent of a shaped wood object which intoxicates our soul without you even noticing it. Every little mark, each imperfection echoes our own personal lives, made of many mistakes, lifetime experience and new twists in life. Is this not all the beauty of life?

Kampung Pelangi, rainbow village, Java, Indonesia.

The imperfection of the handmade, as a response to the happiness of humanity

What worth a smooth and conformist life would be that these mechanized objects strive to impose to us? They are tricking us reflecting towards us our own failures, our inability to reach this perfection. But underneath, what these manufactured objects are sending us back if not a total lack of humanity? Contemplating them daily you might almost forget that beauty lies in imperfection.